NFDA shines light on NI challenges

The National Franchised Dealers Association in Northern Ireland has met with industry leaders and regulators to discuss key issues within the domestic automotive market, including MOTs and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Among the key topics under the microscope was the ongoing MOT backlog, which has been a chronic problem in Northern Ireland for years. Discussions focussed on road and vehicle safety, impact on dealerships and capacity issues.

Meanwhile, a lack of EV charging was also highlighted as a serious issue and it was stressed that the patchwork charging infrastructure requires immediate attention with the growing number of EVs on the roads.

Sue Robinson, NFDA chief executive, said: “NFDA-NI’s roundtable meeting comes at a pivotal moment amidst the evolving landscape of Northern Ireland’s automotive industry particularly with the Executive returning to Stormont in February after a two-year absence. NFDA-NI and its members met with key industry stakeholders, local and national representatives to discuss the future of the automotive industry in Northern Ireland.

“The current state of the MOT regime and charging infrastructure in Northern Ireland needs to be reviewed urgently by Stormont, and NFDA-NI will continue to push for an MOT model that works for consumers and dealers whilst ensuring the region does not get left behind during the transition to electric.”