IMI issues industry ‘wish-list’ for new government

The Institute of the Motor Industry has published a new ‘wish-list’ for the next government to protect the automotive industry and ensure it continues to deliver valuable benefits for the UK economy.

The sector employs around 886,000 people and generates upwards of £37bn for the economy every year.

However, the IMI believes four critical areas need to be addressed by the next government:

  • vacancy rates
  • skills
  • education
  • new technologies

Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI, said: “There is a clear opportunity for the next government to learn from the past and provide the support and infrastructure that will ensure UK automotive remains a global leader, as well as give UK motorists and businesses confidence. However, without correctly maintained and repaired vehicles, supported by a sufficiently populated, diverse, qualified, and continuously trained workforce this fundamental is at serious risk.”


The automotive training workforce is severely under-resourced. The IMI is calling for the new government to ensure infrastructure and pathways are built to improve the level of educators/trainers in automotive. Support is also required to ensure employers are properly motivated to recruit and retain apprentices.


The skills gap has widened this year. The IMI is calling for financial support for recruitment, training and resources, particularly for the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).


The IMI is calling for the next government to implement and oversee policies that inform consumers on the importance of using qualified/accredited technicians. It also believes it is vital that the MOT is fit for purpose as new technologies such as ADAS and EVs become more mainstream.


Future policies must take account of the increasing importance of data protection, privacy, and cybersecurity issues in terms of vehicle ownership and usage. Further, support is needed to upskill the existing workforce to handle ADAS and EVs safely.

Nash concluded:

“The IMI has worked hard to engage with all political parties over the last few years to ensure there is a good understanding of what’s needed to keep UK motorists and road users safe. The knowledge and expertise have been provided and we very much hope the next government will place the right emphasis on automotive.”