IMI identifies key skill drivers

A new report from the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has identified the top 10 drivers for skills in the UK automotive sector.

Driving Auto Forwards says the highest vacancy rate in 21 years will force the industry to focus on new skills, as will new technologies entering the mainstream such as ADAS and EVs.

Meanwhile, the report also identifies the surge in production and a growing emphasis on sustainable mobility solutions, as well as a lack of diversity in the workforce and greater demand for customer service and soft skills.

Further, it believes green initiatives will demand new skills, while the increasing integration of technology in vehicles will require professionals with the skills to interpret and analyse vehicle performance data.

Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI, said: “As the industry evolves, identifying and addressing the key drivers shaping the future skills landscape is crucial. The challenges facing the sector today vary greatly, reflecting the fast-moving and dynamic nature of automotive today. If businesses in our sector are to tackle these challenges effectively they need strategies in place now that can support change and growth.

“Customer demand for more technologically advanced vehicles and seamless digital experiences, as well as more sustainable and environmentally responsible materials and practices has brought about an urgent need for new skills within the automotive workforce. To meet this need, businesses must invest in upskilling their employees, offering access to training programmes that address the specific needs arising from the shifting vehicle ownership patterns and fostering a culture of ongoing learning.

“Upskilling and expanding the scope of existing roles will help the motor industry serve customers as the landscape continues to shift and evolve, helping it to remain successful, profitable and a positive contributor to the UK economy in 2024 and beyond.