Ennis & Co launches investment division

Global automotive and mobility executive search and talent research company Ennis & Co Group has announced the official launch of its investment services division.

The division builds on the company’s knowledge of the automotive and mobility market, business know-how and global networks to provide guidance and financial investment for early-stage start-ups.

The division will also provide investment services to existing clients and established organisations at every stage of business strategy and development through its global network of senior, multi-disciplinary associates.

Lynda Ennis, co-founder and CEO, said: “In an industry brimming with entrepreneurship, we want to help bring innovative ideas to market. A shrinking global labour market, with intense rivalry and high rewards for hot skills means that no company has all the necessary elements in perfect balance all the time, but effective leaders recognise when something’s not quite right and reach out to find the solution.

“We are passionate about the future of the automotive and mobility industries and understand the complex challenges progressing within an ever-evolving climate. Our network is equipped with consultants and expertise from all avenues, and we are looking for ways to support early-stage businesses during their growth period.”