Video tech underexploited in dealerships

New research from CitNOW has found that while prospective car buyers attach significant importance to interior images when searching for new and used cars online, many dealers are falling short in providing a range of interior visual assets with their listings.

Its research found that 34% of prospective car buyers say ‘high resolution interior images’ is the visual they most value, while 30% cite ‘360-degree interior video’.

However, analysis of the websites of the UK’s top 100 franchised dealers found that just 14% currently provide 360-degree interior imaging as part of their vehicle listings.

Chris Gray, managing director at Auto Imaging, part of the CitNOW Group, said: “Customer expectations around the presentation of vehicles online are increasing all the time, and our research indicates that many retailers might not be keeping pace. AI tech can reduce the burden of creating a suitable breadth of digital assets, while at the same time maximising quality.”

Auto Imaging has introduced new proprietary technology providing high quality, consistent imagery, video and 360 capabilities, and will launch a new 360-degree vehicle interior imaging feature later this month. It has also launched its new AI-based quality control technology that automatically assesses the quality of vehicle shots at the time of taking.