Thatcham Research expands EV training

Thatcham Research has introduced EV Safe training to help the public sector prepare for the unique safety challenges presented by electric vehicles (EVs).

EV Safe will ensure the safety of key workers who interact with High Voltage (HV) vehicles.

The training drives awareness of safe handling requirements across working electrified fleets, ensuring that anyone who may come across these vehicles at work is aware of the risks and dangers they can pose.

The two-day in-person course, which does not require delegates to have any involvement with the repair of EVs in their day-to-day jobs, will equip public sector teams with the skills and knowledge to safely shut down and reinstate HV vehicles.

Dean Lander, head of repair sector services, Thatcham Research, said: “As EVs become increasingly present on UK roads, with significant buy-in from public sector organisations, it’s more important than ever for businesses to ensure the safety of their staff.

“With this in mind, I am pleased to announce the launch of our EV Safe training, the latest addition to our suite of EV training programmes.

“Course content is sourced directly from our research facility and the insights that come from our state-of-the-art vehicle-led research. It is essential that our vital public sector and emergency services key workers complete this course to equip themselves with the knowledge to protect themselves and the public when interacting with EVs.

“As electrification technology continues to be embraced on our roads, we must ensure that steps are taken now to properly equip staff across the UK with the knowledge to keep them safe when interacting with these vehicles.”