SYNETIQ develops dedicated leadership programme

SYNETIQ, an IAA company, has introduced its first Leadership and Development Programme to help reduce the growing skills gap.

This comes after the Department of Education’s Employee Skills Survey revealed an increasing skills gap within the UK in comparison to previous years. The report also revealed a decrease in the number of employers providing training for colleagues and a reduction in investment in colleague training.

Natalie Buckley, people director at SYNETIQ said: “These are worrying statistics, especially at a time where we’re seeing so much change within the industry which naturally creates a skills gap. Now is the time to be upskilling and investing in colleagues’ development to help identify training needs and to prevent the skills gap from growing.

“Our first Leadership and Development Programme has been put in place to address this issue internally. Our monthly training modules are designed to give our colleagues the tools, skills and knowledge to do their jobs to the very best of their abilities. This then ensures we’re doing the very best for our clients and customers.”