Steer Group set for significant apprenticeship growth

Steer Automotive Group will significantly grow its apprenticeship programme next year, with an aim for apprentices to make up 16% of its technical workforce by the end of 2024.

This comes after a report by the Institute for the Motor Industry warned there would be 160,000 vacancies in the sector by 2031.

Steer currently has 159 apprentices employed across 90% of its 98 sites, recruiting directly through the National Apprenticeship service, partnerships with charitable organisations such as Auto Raise and School of Thought, and referrals.

Steer’s commitment to investing in young talent comes after it celebrated its apprentices at the Steer Apprentice Academy Awards, which recognised the achievements of its 159 apprentices.

The winners were: Steer Regional Apprentice of the Year – South – Mohammed Qais Mehdi; Steer Regional Apprentice of the Year – North – Rhys Kane; Steer Regional Apprentice of the Year – Midlands- Miguel Harvey; Steer Regional Apprentice of the Year – Apollo & Balgores – Rosie Smith; Paint Apprentice of the Year – Rosie Smith; Panel Apprentice of the Year – Brandon Redshaw; MET Apprentice of the Year- Daniel Thacker; People’s Choice Award – David Lindert; Steer Rising Star – Nathan Hoe; Steer Apprentice Mentor of the Year -Duncan Adams; and Apprentice Trainer of the Year -Chris Griffith.

Gavin Ruddick, chief operating officer, said: “The apprenticeship programme at Steer Automotive Group has always been at the heart of the business. Ultimately, our apprentices are the future of our industry, bringing fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a strong work ethic to our team. Our investment in their growth and development reflects our dedication to creating the workforce of tomorrow.”