Sales dip despite steady stream of enquiries

Enquiries for new and used cars remained high in January, with no change from the same month last year.

However, overall sales of new and used cars dropped 13%, according to data experts at iTrackLEADS.

The study sampled data from 300 dealers nationwide and showed test drives only declined five per cent, but vehicle handovers fell 30%.

Adrian Favill, director of iTrackLEADS, said: “January presents some conflicting signals. While the number of enquiries and test drives remained strong, despite some well-publicised fears about the economy, the number of sales and handovers dropped markedly.

“While the country is facing economic uncertainty, it’s essential that dealers remain proactive when following up enquiries and moving customers through the sales process. It’s likely that the number of lost sales, or customers falling out of the sales process, will increase over the coming months.”

iTrackLEADS is part of Mad Devs, a technology company that supports over 600 dealers across the UK. Its portal provides over 260,000 customers with a streamlined car ownership experience and now holds over 5,000,000 documents, ensuring greater transparency and improved adherence to compliance requirements.