RoadSafe launches new ADAS resource

RoadSafe has launched a knowledge hub to give driving instructors access to resources explaining the different types of driver-assistance technology on vehicles.

Adrian Walsh, executive director of RoadSafe, said: “Awareness and understanding of these systems is generally low among drivers and more importantly among instructors. Given that most users do not receive any training when first encountering ADAS and often use a ‘trial-and-error’ method, there is a need to support instructors and others, including those responsible for managing the safety of those who drive for work, in explaining the values and use of ADAS.

“Before we can embrace the automated mobility model of the future, it’s vital that we get assisted driving right and use today’s technology safely. This can only happen if consumers understand what Assisted Driving systems can and can’t do – as well as remembering their own responsibilities behind the wheel.”

Carly Brookfield, CEO of the Driving Instructors Association said: “The DIA is delighted to be involved in this project, in the capacity of designing the hub itself. This resource will help trainers in this area by providing a ‘hub’ of online learning resources they can refer pupils to, and where they can usefully develop their own knowledge as trainers.”