Recovery agents given red light approval

Breakdown and recovery vehicles will be permitted to use red flashing lights according to the government’s Plan for Drivers.

The change in legislation to permit breakdown vehicles to be fitted with rear-facing red flashing lights when recovering broken-down cars is not expected to come into force until 2025, but approved recovery operators can start using the flashing red lights now as an interim measure.

Chuks Oguibe, senior engineer, International Vehicle Standards at The Department for Transport, said: “The use of red flashing lamps will improve safety for recovery technicians and other road users. The government is committed to improving safety for all road users, including ensuring recovery technicians have a safe working environment to operate and help get people moving again when vehicles break down.”

RAC chief operations officer Dom Shorrocks said: “This is an important milestone in the improvement of safety for the roadside assistance industry. It is very good news for our industry and for drivers as it will unequivocally improve the visibility of roadside workers and help save lives.”

Richard Goddard, president, Professional Recovery Operators Federation (PROF), added: “The use of red flashing lights is a vital safety concession for all essential roadside rescue and recovery workers. The industry must now work together to regulate the use of these lights, as well as implement robust standards and the best safe working practices.”