Ohme unlocks EV charging savings

EV drivers have been encouraged to switch to a smart tariff to save on charging costs.

Home electricity prices are due to be cut next month when the Standard Variable Tariff for domestic electricity is reduced to 28p/kWh, but Ohme, a UK smart charging company, has said that even greater savings can be made by making use of new software.

Ohme CEO David Watson said: “During the cost-of-living crisis, EV drivers will no doubt welcome this drop in the standard domestic electricity tariff. But Ohme’s unique charger technology combined with a smart EV tariff means that they can make bigger savings and have greater control over their charging – software that no other EV charging company has.”

Ohme’s smart chargers can connect with the national grid in real time and automatically adjust their charging for drivers to take advantage of all the times of low price charging with smart EV tariffs.

Ohme also offers drivers the option to charge their car when renewable energy generation on the National Grid is at its highest, further lowering their CO2 impact.