IMI urges Welsh government to rethink apprenticeship strategy

The Institute of the Motor Industry has urged the Welsh government to re-examine apprenticeships budgets.

This comes after it emerged that both apprenticeship numbers and funding is falling significantly.

Hayley Pells, IMI policy lead, has highlighted the importance of apprenticeship funding to support fresh talent and also believes apprenticeships can provide a real boost to Wales businesses.

She said, “The motor industry, a cornerstone of the UK economy, offers a multitude of high-skilled, well-paid career opportunities. Apprenticeships in this sector are not just pathways to employment; they are gateways to developing the advanced skills needed in an increasingly technological industry. However, the recent concerns expressed by Luke Fletcher MS regarding the expected decline in apprenticeship starts and the potential reduction in funding are alarming.

“A cutback of 24.5% in the apprenticeship programme, leading to 10,000 fewer starts, represents not just a loss of opportunity for aspiring professionals but also a significant step back in our collective efforts to build a robust, skilled workforce. This is particularly critical in the motor industry, where the evolution of technology and the shift towards greener energy solutions necessitate a constant influx of skilled professionals.”

“We are calling on the Welsh government to re-examine its spending plans concerning apprenticeships. We believe, through a collaborative approach, engaging industry partners and educational institutions, apprenticeships, particularly in the motor industry, can be adequately funded and prioritised. This is essential not only for the growth of the industry but for the economic and social well-being of our communities.

“The Institute of the Motor Industry stands ready to support this endeavour, offering our expertise and resources to develop high-quality, industry-relevant apprenticeship programs that align with the needs of our evolving sector. Together, we can create a future where skilled professionals drive the motor industry forward, contributing significantly to the economic fabric of Wales and the UK.”