IMI unveils new automotive skills campaign

The Institute of the Motor Industry is embarking on a game-changing campaign to debunk the outdated perceptions that are at the heart of the recruitment challenges.

The campaign is being launched as the industry faces a 20-year high in vacancies, with IMI data suggesting 111,400 roles need to be filled in the next 10 years.

Central to the campaign will be real voices telling real stories about their positive career experiences.

Lesley Woolley, chief operating officer at the IMI, said: “Understandably, businesses are worried about filling vacancies and the impact of skills shortages. We acknowledge the stereotyping that happens and why many people think that a job in automotive is dirty, a masculine work environment, and not welcoming for everyone. But automotive is changing.

“The Diversity Task Force has enabled us to work with many businesses who are leading the change to create more equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplaces. They’ve understood the intrinsic value of attracting, nurturing, and retaining diverse talent. It’s now time to showcase the changing face of automotive, a vibrant, tech-led, customer and people-centric ecosystem. It’s a great time to be working in the sector which the campaign will clearly demonstrate.”

The new IMI campaign will highlight that career opportunities exist and using a highly targeted, regional digital media strategy, real voices will share their own positive experiences within the automotive industry and encourage others to do the same.