Fuel prices rocket during August

Fuel prices rose more in August than during any month in the last 23 years.

According to RAC Fuel Watch, petrol prices climbed nearly 7p a litre while diesel went up by 8p.

The average price of unleaded during the month was 152p while diesel was 154p.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “August was a big shock to drivers as they had grown used to seeing far lower prices than last summer’s record highs. Seeing £4 or more go on to the cost of a tank in the space of just a few weeks is galling, particularly for those who drive lots of miles or run an older, less fuel-efficient car.

“While the increase is clearly bad news for drivers, it could have been far worse had the biggest retailers not let their inflated margins from earlier in the year return to more normal levels as wholesale fuel costs went up.”

He continued: “Fuel prices in Northern Ireland are still lower than on this side of the Irish Sea with petrol at an average of 149.5p and diesel at 151.6p, however the gap has shrunk by around 2p a litre in a month which is much better news all round. Petrol is now only 1.5p cheaper in Northern Ireland while diesel is 2p less.”