EV range and variety tops car buying wish list

New research has revealed that reduced waiting times and better range on electric vehicles top the wish list of car buyers in 2023.

According to a What Car? survey of 1,698 in-market buyers, 46% wanted to see reduced vehicle prices this year, 44.3% want electric vehicles with more range, while 18.7% want more choice of electric cars this year.

The survey also found that 23.8% wanted waiting times reduced on new cars, with a better dealership experience highlighted by 9.5% of buyers.

Steve Huntingford, editor, What Car?, said: “The ongoing energy and cost of living crisis will be a significant challenge for both the industry and buyers this year. This is reflected in our recent research highlighting how the largest share of buyers prioritise vehicle prices over things like technological development or greater model choice.

“Electric vehicles will clearly remain a priority for buyers this year, though range is still a concern for many. Interestingly, much less emphasis was put on things like self-driving technology, which manufacturers are spending significant money and resources in developing.”