ESG overload turning off customers

A new survey has found that automotive industries promoting their ESG policies may be turning off potential customers.

A poll of 2,072 business leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals carried out by ESG communications agency, Clearly PR, found that 31% said they were ‘put off’ by a business that talks a lot about their ESG.

More than a third (36%) said that such messages and communications had ‘no effect’ on them whatsoever, while just under 17% said they questioned the validity of ESG claims made by these businesses.

Only 16% said that they look more favourably on those who regularly share updates on their environmental and social responsibility initiatives.

Clearly PR managing director Paul MacKenzie-Cummins, said: “ESG has been catapulted to the top of the business agenda over the last three years. The transition of conscious consumerism from being a ‘moment’ to becoming a ‘movement’ has sparked a rise in post-pandemic purpose-led businesses.

“While this is to be welcomed, the extent to which many businesses are talking about their ESG credentials has become frenzied. Our poll shows this is clearly alienating many customers and negatively impacting the perception that their target market has of these businesses.”

He continued: “Sharing regular stories about ESG initiatives to an equally invested audience is OK, but flooding all communication channels with this messaging won’t wash with those customers with little or no interest in what a business does for the good of the environment and society. All they want to know is how the business’s products or services can address their needs and wants.”