CarComm Coachworks announces AutoRaise partnership

CarComm Coachworks has underlined its commitment to apprenticeships by being recognised as an affiliated repairer for automotive charity AutoRaise.

AutoRaise was set up to tackle the skills gap in the industry and encourage new talent into the sector by promoting the rewarding careers on offer while supporting businesses looking to take on apprentices.

As an affiliated repairer, CarComm is committed to helping shape and train the future of the repair industry, with young technicians completing apprenticeships in-house and then being provided with a platform to move into leadership roles.

Jason Mole, directors, said: “For those students seeking alternative ways to learn, apprenticeships can be a rewarding and lucrative option. Here at CarComm we are proud to provide these young technicians with the skills that they need to succeed and have a long career in the automotive industry.”

CarComm is now looking for MET, paint, panel and repair apprentices.