BCA unveils customer service solutions

BCA has announced a number of customer service enhancements.

Multi-vehicle booking on deliveries have been introduced online to help customers making multiple purchases, introducing efficiencies and ensuring purchased stock arrives as quickly as possible. Up to 10 vehicles can now be booked for delivery in a single online booking journey, including vehicles sourced from different pickup locations across the country.

BCA is also making it easier for customers to create retail listings for vehicles they have purchased via BCA Online and the BCA Buyer app.

Buyers can revisit the original listing after the sale has ended, to access the original catalogue details used to promote the vehicle and download the vehicle images.

Dene Jones, group chief marketing and data officer said: “The multi-vehicle delivery booking service ensures our customers get their purchases as quickly and efficiently as possible, wherever the vehicles are located in our nationwide network. And buyers can now use BCA’s digital sales collateral to generate their own online marketing content. It all underlines our commitment to delivering a seamless online used vehicle buying experience for our customers.”