Supply shortages see handovers decline

Vehicle handovers are falling despite an increase in sales.

This is according to lead management specialists at iTrackLEADS, which found that the shortage of new and used vehicles was evident in a 31% fall in handovers.

While test drives fell marginally by 0.3%, sales increased 9.2%. The data compared sales activity in December 2021 against the same month in 2020 from 300 dealers nationwide.

Adrian Favill, director of iTrackLEADS, said: “It’s clear that demand for new and used vehicles remains high with a rise in sales in December despite consumer uncertainty around further Covid restrictions. The large decline in vehicle handovers is further evidence of the impact that shortages are having on the sector.”

iTrackLEADS’ cloud-based platform helps users aggregate all website enquiries and distribute them to sales teams, giving dealers granular detail on each lead, lost sales and the sales process in real-time.

Favill said: “Dealers have become adept at using technology to build better relationships with their customers and manage them through potential delivery delays. It’s a testament to their professionalism and customer service.”