RAC warns of steepling fuel costs

The RAC has warned that fuel prices could top 180p per litre this week.

It has reported that prices on the forecourt spiked by nearly 5p a litre during the Jubilee weekend, and those rises are set to continue this week.

The average price of petrol reached 177.8p a litre by Sunday, while diesel prices jumped from 182.5p a litre to 185p a litre in the week ending 5 June, taking the average prices to fill up family cars to £98 (petrol) and £102 (diesel).

RAC spokesperson Simon Williams, said: “The relentless run of record fuel prices continued over the bank holiday with the average price of petrol rocketing nearly 4p a litre since the end of May.

“With oil above $120 a barrel and sterling still at $1.20, worse is still to come. Sadly, we expect to see the average price of petrol break through the 180p mark this week with diesel moving further towards 190p

More radical government intervention is urgently needed, whether that’s in the form of a further reduction in fuel duty or a VAT cut. As it is, drivers surely won’t be able to cope unless something is done to help. This is fast becoming a national crisis for the country’s 32 million car drivers as well as countless businesses.”