Fix Auto franchisee supports Olympic ambitions

Fix Auto Rochester owner Robert Dearnaley has stepped forward to support the quest of 18-year-old Tom Kelsall to become a Special Olympian.

He is providing financial support as Kelsall strives to reach the Special Olympics.

Kelsall was born with an extremely rare condition called Koolen de Vries Syndrome and also suffers from Type One Diabetes. Koolen de Vries Syndrome causes developmental delay and intellectual disability which has led to a severe language and communication disorder.

Dearnaley said: “I have known Tom’s family since a chance meeting while holidaying in the same hotel 20 years ago. While his condition is heart-breaking, he really rises above it with his determination and through his love of cycling. He truly is inspirational.”

He added: “I saw some social media posts by his dad explaining how he was doing and that Tom’s sights were set on competing at the Special Olympics and I just knew I had to help in some small way. He has a long way to go, but those around him believe he has what it takes to become an Olympian and if we can be part of that journey then great.”