Energy price cap inspires EV confidence

A fifth of electric vehicle buyers have said the government’s recent energy price cap has helped persuade them make the switch.

According to new research by What Car?, which surveyed 1,654 in-market buyers, 20.5% of those in the market for electric cars said the price cap announcement was further incentive, while a further 79.5% said they would consider an EV even without the price cap.

What Car? also surveyed buyers not in the market for an electric car, and of those 13.34% said the announcement of the energy price cap has made them more comfortable with the idea of owning an electric car in the future.

Steve Huntingford, editor, said: “The energy price cap has had an immediate reaction from car buyers, and shows how important government support for the industry is. Even with rising electricity prices, electric vehicles can prove very cost efficient to run and own, and if the industry is to become zero emissions by 2035, the technology must remain as attractive and affordable as possible.”