Autotech Training delivers EV training to Shetlands

Autotech Training has travelled 26 hours, covering almost 800 miles by car and ferry to deliver electric vehicle training to technicians at the Shetlands Islands Council.

The Council is in the process of electrifying its fleet of over 320 vehicles.

Dave Walker, business development director for Autotech Training, made the 1,600-mile round trip from Milton Keynes to The Shetland Islands last month in an Autotech Training branded hybrid vehicle.

Delivering both IMI Levels 2 and 3 electric and hybrid vehicle training over four days within the council’s dedicated Lerwick workshop, Dave equipped the eight vehicle technicians with the skills needed to help the council continue its electric vehicle transition.

Colin Gleghorn, managing director of Autotech Training, said: “Above all, we understand the challenges our customers face. From the downtime and cost to the business as a result of sending essential staff out for even just one day’s training, to the overall investment in travel and accommodation expenses.”

Raymond Murchison, acting team leader of Fleet for Shetland Islands Council, said: “Currently, we have around 20 electric vehicles within our fleet. However, as with all local authorities across the UK, we are working towards electrifying our entire fleet and one of the key requirements was to ensure that our vehicles technicians held the relevant skill set to repair and maintain these vehicles safely.”