AutoRaise invites Trustee applications

AutoRaise is inviting new applications to join its board of trustees.

In addition, it is also seeking people who are prepared to volunteer to support specific projects, campaigns, initiatives, and events.

The automotive charity said: “Some of the current Board of Trustees have continued in their tenure for longer than was required; this was to ensure both the smooth running of the charity and to get AutoRaise into an enviable financial position post pandemic. It is now time to welcome some new like-minded industry professionals who can give their support, experience, and a little time to secure the objectives of the charity.

The Board will consider all applications from any Vehicle Repair industry stakeholders and are particularly keen to seek experienced professionals from the worlds of further education, marketing, and senior management/principals from the sector.

Anyone interested should email a brief resume to the charity’s business executive, Jennifer Evans at [email protected]. the end of business on Friday, 28 October.