Used orders take dramatic leap

Orders for new and used cars has enjoyed a record leap up.

According to lead management experts Dealerweb, April’s data shows a 2,569% increase in new vehicle orders and a 1,524% increase in used orders compared to April 2020.

A surge in demand was evidenced by a 539% increase for new vehicles enquiries and a 425% increase for used.

James Hill, managing director of Dealerweb, said: “While the percentage increases are huge due to comparing a month in full lockdown against a month of partial reopening, they do illustrate how far dealers have come in spinning up digital offerings, remote selling and managing social distancing requirements.

“It’s clear that dealers have embraced the digital tools available to them and adapted to thrive in the current environment. Retailers are resourceful people and deserve huge credit for managing to still meet customers’ demands in challenging times.”