Ageas celebrates green parts landmark

Ageas has announced it is now using green parts in around one in five of its vehicle repairs following the expansion of its green parts programme and willingness of its repair network to embrace more sustainable repairs.

Ageas pushed the accelerator on its use of green car parts in March 2020, following a successful trial during 2019.

As part of the programme’s expansion, Ageas combined its salvage operation with its green parts supply, meaning if a customer’s car is written off in an accident, any perfectly good and undamaged parts from that car can get a new life by feeding into Ageas’s green parts supply chain.

The move has effectively created a circular economy within Ageas’s own repair ecosystem, feeding its own supply of ‘donor vehicles’ back into its repair network.

Head of claims Paul Llewellyn said: “Our repair network has really embraced the idea of using green parts wherever possible. We owe it to our customers and future generations to protect the environment and help secure the future of our planet and initiatives like our green parts programme support this ambition.

“Our green parts programme is just one way we’re doing that, and its success is testament to the way our repair network has really embraced it.”

Hills Salvage is Ageas’ salvage provider and its green car parts arm, The Green Parts Specialists, is its green parts provider. By integrating the two, it means parts from Ageas’ salvaged vehicles feed back into its repair network as ‘green’ car parts.

Ian Hill, managing director at Hills Salvage, said: “We’re really pleased to be working with a forward-thinking insurer like Ageas, which recognises the benefits that this kind of circular economy brings to the environment and its customers. By extending the life of existing parts, we’re helping to reduce the need for more plastic, metal and glass to be produced.”