New motorists unaware of driving costs

New vehicle registrations increased by 18.2% last year, but many are unaware of the costs of driving.

Independence (35%) and travel flexibility (22%) are the main reasons for wanting to learn to drive and own a car, but according to Uswitch, 27% don’t factor in the cost of fuel, 36% are unaware of MOT costs, and 54% of new drivers don’t know about breakdown cover.

Meanwhile, 38% are not familiar with the cost of car tax and 25% are not aware they need to get car insurance, this is despite premiums rising sharply in the last year with the average annual insurance for 18-year-olds now £3,145 and for 21-year-olds it is £2,176.

Uswitch car insurance expert Leoni Moninska said: “Once you’ve obtained a driving licence and decided you want to buy a car, it’s important to ensure you’re aware of and have accounted for all costs associated with owning a car. On top of the car itself, certain running costs such as fuel, insurance and car tax are unavoidable so must be factored into your budget.

“Other costs such as MOT charges depend on the car you buy. Driving to certain places can also involve costs, like congestion charge in urban areas, or toll roads.”