The ABI launches insurance and savings priorities

Ahead of the General Election on Thursday 7 May 2015, the Association of British Insurers has launched its top ten insurance and savings priorities for the next parliamentary session.

The ABI would like to work with the next Parliament in order to safeguard the UK insurance sector and improve outcomes for customers.

Point number four of the top ten list covers making young drivers safer on the road through a graduated driving licensing system.

The ABI also wants to crack down on the behaviour of claims management companies as well as modernise the civil justice system so that any compensation gets to the claimant rather than a lawyer.

The ABI’s director general, Huw Evans commented, ‘Insurers are crucial to a healthy economy and society, helping people cope with the unexpected and save for their retirement. The UK insurance industry is a global leader, but we need to continue to innovate to meet the challenges of our fast-changing world and meet ever increasing customer needs.

‘Insurers will be at the heart of many crucial issues facing a new Government, such as reforming pensions and tackling the UK’s rising flood risk. We have a role to inform and help shape policy, to strengthen the UK economy and continue to ensure our society is as well-equipped as possible to face the challenges of the future.’

To see the ABI’s top ten list, click here