SNAP-ON’S hybrid training reaches milestone

The most recent addition to Snap-on’s range of diagnostic training seminars has already reached more than 500 technicians since its launch in April.

Alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) are becoming ever-more common on the country’s roads these days so following feedback from customers, Snap-on introduced the Hybrid Technology seminar to its series in order to help technicians prepare for the increased number of AFVs coming through workshop doors.

The evening seminars, which last for around two hours, put a lot of emphasis on safety when dealing with the high-voltage systems in hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as the difference between micro-hybrids and full hybrid vehicles and the various types of battery used.

Also featured are the operations of the various motors within the car, the differences between some electrical systems in a hybrid compared to a normal vehicle, and educating attendees that hybrids are not to be feared – because other than the electrical systems they are mostly regular vehicles with regular parts.

They were introduced by Snap-on after technicians visiting the company’s other events said they were finding more diagnostic challenges provided by hybrid vehicles and felt they would benefit from additional training.

That has proven to be the case with over 500 people attending the seminars in the first two months, tapping into the wealth of industry-leading knowledge that Snap-on’s team of experts has to offer.

The seminars are open to all technicians, not just those using Snap-on’s diagnostic tools, and it takes place in a relaxed and informal environment with an experienced professional technician leading the informative and educational course.

Refreshments and a light meal are provided within the £45 course cost – which also includes a £20 Snap-on Tools voucher.

The Hybrid Technology seminar is part of Snap-on’s range of courses designed to help aftermarket technicians keep up to date with the latest industry and product developments. They take place at more than 50 locations across the country.