IBIS round-up

The below sums up the day’s news from IBIS 2015

Flash back to first ibis – 2001. #ibis2015 message remains true – the power to influence, for the good of all. Safety, skills & standards – core of #ibis2015 purpose globally

David Lingham takes to stage announcing change of role to ibis board member #ibis2015

David referring to Nissan study on connected cars & reversing damage – Italy ‘worst’ at parking, UK ‘best’

Sean Carey takes to stage for update on connected car #ibis2015

Sean Carey, ‘the vehicle will, no doubt about it, in the future make the claim’ #ibis2015

Sean Carey using examples of google, Toyota/insurethebox, Berkshire Hathaway, Apple etc as those influencing market

‘OEMs will be I the driving seat’ Sean Carey #ibis2015

‘Can you hear the footsteps of the seamless claims process which just happens’ Sean Carey #ibis2015

Sean Carey ‘new claims partnerships & models will emerge, impacting on processes, supply chain & consumer choices’ #ibis2015

The connected car is the catalyst to relationship change within the claims process #ibis2015

Clive Humby takes the the stage to talk data #ibis2015 ‘it has changed the way the world works’

‘The most important thing with data is relevance’ Clive Humby #ibis2015

Clive Humby giving examples of huge retail data – 600m shopping baskets per telling the story of 400m people around the world #ibis2015

1889 first real big data project #ibis2015

Privacy & use of data is a major consideration – it brings new responsibilities – Clive Humby #ibis2015

‘What would happen if someone could manufacture my driving behaviour? It is a major consideration’ Clive Humby #ibis2015

‘Data on its own is not useful unless you can put it into context’ Clive Humby #ibis2015

‘We are now operating in ‘dog years” – 1 year for every 7 years of technological development Clive Humby #ibis2015

‘Big data will mean a revolution’ Clive Humby #ibis2015

‘Data is the new oil – once refined & external catalysts added, it is potentially explosive’ Clive Humby #ibis2015

Sean Carey & David Lingham take to stage #ibis2015 discussing increasing OEM influence on market

Greece: 90% independent bodyshops doing on average 150 repairs a year. #IBIS2015

Yannis Ioanniadis provides an insight into the Greek market – ‘there is opportunity’ #ibis2015

‘We have never had all industry partners sit around one table’ Yannis Ioanniadis #ibis2015

Joe Funk on stage – ‘key partner garage is our customer interface’#ibis2015

Motor agent agreements – a collaborative approach to claims, Joe Funk #ibis2015

Joe Funk, global head of personal lines auto claims at AIG #IBIS2015

‘I want our repair partners to make money’ Joe Funk #ibis2015

‘If our repairers are happy that reflects well on my customer’ Joe Funk #ibis2015

A few Greek motor insurers are buying repairers. Interesting development. Not a strategy that has always worked well elsewhere #ibis2015

Rex Green of BB&T capital markets on at stage @ #ibis2015 discussing ‘unprecedented’ consolidation in US collision repair market

US – 4 consolidators @ present share 10% of collision repair revenue. In 10yrs time that will be two-thirds of revenue. #ibis2015 Rex Green

‘Availability of private equity provides the jet fuel for consolidation’ Rex Green #ibis2015

‘Its a very exciting time in collision within the US and will be within other markets’ Rex Green #ibis2015

‘Collision couldn’t be a hotter investment right now in the U.S.’ Rex Green #ibis2015

‘In the next 5-10 years ‘stubborn holdouts’ (non-affiliated) bodyshops will be doing something else with their business’ Rex Green #ibis2015

Wijnand Mebius up next to talk about the fascinating parts platform in the Dutch market #ibis2015

‘If we join forces & are smart success takes care of itself’ Wijnand Mebius #ibis2015