Price replaces range as top priority for EV drivers

Price has replaced range and the number one influential factor for potential electric drivers, according to a new survey.

The Venson Automotive Solutions’ ‘Attitudes to Electric Vehicles’ survey found that 44% of drivers said cost was the now most important consideration when thinking about a switch to EVs. This compares to 45% who said range was most critical when the survey was last held in 2021.

Range is now only fourth in the list of priorities, behind price, free installations of a home charger (37%), and charging time (35%).

Meanwhile, 44% of respondents said financial incentives from government was the single biggest factor that could sway them to go electric, with 26% saying investment in public charge points.

Simon Staton, client management director at Venson Automotive Solutions, said: “It is perhaps unsurprising, given the extended cost-of-living crisis, that vehicle purchase price and charger installation are such significant considerations for potential EV buyers. With purse strings restricting buying decisions, financial incentives would understandably be gratefully received.

“While businesses are playing a significant role in driving EV adoption, they could potentially propel the number of drivers opting for electric company cars further still by helping drivers fund home charger installation through monthly salary deductions, loans or perhaps offering it as a recruitment or retention incentive.”