CitNOW’s Bangers4BEN efforts pays off

Automotive video software expert CitNOW has raised over £2,000 for the charity BEN at the Bangers for BEN 2015 rally.

The Wokingham-based firm doubled its efforts for this year’s event by entering two cars – a 20-year old Audi Cabriolet driven by CitNOW Commercial Director Alistair Jeff, and an 11-year old Chrysler PT Cruiser piloted by CEO Alistair Horsburgh.

And the extra effort has paid off; thanks to generous sponsorship and the auction of the two cars, CitNOW was able to contribute with a total of £2,151.74 to the almost £46K grand total raised by this year’s charity event.

‘Bangers-4-BEN is a great way to give something back to an industry that has given so much to the UK economy and employs more than 700K people through manufacturing, supply and retail’, said Horsburgh.

BEN is the UK’s only dedicated charity for those who are working or have worked in the automotive industry and their dependents.

The Bangers4BEN 2015 event attracted 46 specially customised ‘bangers’ to compete in the fund raising event. Each car was purchased specially for the event for no more than £750 by the competing teams and then donated to be sold at the end of the rally.

This year’s rally began at the home of the British Grand Prix, Silverstone, before heading to Munich, Germany for a quick stop at the BMW museum, and finally taking a lap of Spa Francorchamps, Belgium before heading back to the UK.

Jeff commented, ‘For me, Bangers4Ben is an annual expedition for those amongst us who are petrol heads and lovers of the great industry in which we’ve invested our lives. I get really excited by the event every year, and 2015 has been my fourth!’

‘The charity rally takes in some iconic automotive destinations in Europe, and for any car enthusiast it’s a great excuse to visit these places whilst raising funds for our industry’s own charity. What better way is there to spend four days?’