Motor Easy partners with

Car maintenance and ownership expert, MotorEasy, has partnered with the UK’s first car leasing comparison site,, to offer its customers an easy-to-use tool for finding the best available leasing deals in the UK.

The tool uses technology which accurately compares the current car leasing deals available on every make and model of vehicle in the UK. It allows MotorEasy’s customers to search for the most competitive offers around by model, car type or budget.

Duncan McClure Fisher, founder of MotorEasy said, ‘MotorEasy is all about making our customers’ lives as easy as possible and taking away the stress and hassle of some of the most frustrating and time-consuming elements of car ownership and maintenance. Moneyshake’s tool is the perfect addition to our current range of services. Spending time trawling through websites and forms for the perfect car leasing deal is dull, often resulting in customers opting for the easiest offer, rather than the best. This new tool changes this for our customers to make finding that perfect deal an easier and more satisfying process.’

Paul McGuinness at said, ‘We are delighted to be partnering with MotorEasy to offer our revolutionary comparison technology to its customer base. MotorEasy is one of the first major brands to use our tool and its rapid rise within the online car sector, alongside their owner’s passion and track record, has proved it to be a natural fit for both businesses.’