Insurethebox releases new research

According to new research by insurethebox, over 70% of high impact alerts recorded by its Accident Alerts service last year were triggered by 17-21-year olds.

insurethebox has welcomed the recent EU law requiring cars to be fitted with an e-call button that alerts emergency services in the event of an accident.

However, eCall will only be standard on brand-new cars manufactured after 1 April 2018; it won’t be retrofitted to older cars or existing models, leaving potentially millions of motorists without access to this potentially life-saving technology.

More than 100,000 Accident Alerts have been triggered since insurethebox launched in 2010, and its most recent analysis shows that the emergency services were called 145 times during 2017 as a result of an Accident Alert.

The new research from insurethebox also revealed that vehicles on a 30mph road are six times more likely to trigger these high impact alerts, which indicate the driver’s possible involvement in a collision, than on a motorway.

Additionally, nearly half of alerts (43%) are recorded after 5pm, with drivers six times more likely to require emergency services between midnight and 5am. In 2017, insurethebox received the highest number of Accident Alerts in December.