UK drivers still taking risks

New research by CarFinance 247 has found that despite the new, increased speeding penalties that came into force in April, UK drivers are still willing to break the law.

Drivers admitted to knowingly breaking the speed limit at least three times per car journey. In fact, almost seven in 10 drivers (69%) stated they have had at least one speeding-related road accident since passing their driving test. For those caught out, speed-related offences have cost drivers an average of £307 each over the past 12 months.

The research, which included a mock theory test, showed that a significant number of drivers were still confused about The Highway Code, particularly with speed-related traffic signs.

Most people (66%) agreed that drivers are more reckless on the road now than they were 10 years ago, and more than half (56%) were positive about self-driving cars being better than human drivers at identifying and reducing potentially fatal road accidents.

Louis Rix, director of CarFinance 247 said, ‘Despite good intentions from the government in increasing speeding penalties, it seems the prospect of a fine isn’t a strong enough deterrent for drivers. In fact, many seem to be justifying the fine as ‘payment’, giving drivers a pass to speed and break the law.

‘This, coupled with the fact that a significant number of drivers are unable to identify basic speed-related traffic signs, is contributing to a more potentially unsafe driving environment.’