Online concierge service for drivers

The founder of Warranty Direct has now introduced a new service designed to take the hassle out of car ownership while also improving the relationship between workshops and customers.

Motoreasy, launched by car warranty experts Duncan McClure Fisher with a network of 10,000 independently-approved repairers, is an online home for all vehicle ownership and maintenance issues, allowing car owners to manage service and MOT procedures, obtain warranty cover and house relevant documents via a password-protected portal.

Customers get the assistance and protection of a personal technician, who arranges any required work, makes sure workshop visits are as convenient as possible and negotiates on their behalf to ensure that they get the best prices and save money.

McClure Fisher said, ‘These days, consumers are generally busier than ever with modern life. Increasingly, motorists don’t have time to deal with car maintenance jobs like arranging MOTs or organising car repairs.

‘There is also an inherent consumer mistrust of the workshop network but, by being completely transparent about parts and labour costs, showing motorists where they are making savings, motoreasy can help rebuild the relationships between workshops and their customers. That can only result in increased return visits and enhanced customer loyalty for the workshop business.’

Bill Duffy, former CEO of Halfords Automotive Services and COO of Nationwide Autocentres, has been named chairman.