Young drivers earning their bad reps

One in three young drivers will get points on their license within the first year, and one in 10 will lose their license within two years.

This is according to research conducted by, which polled 2,457 respondents aged 18-25, all of whom held a valid driving license for at least a year and own their own car.

Despite these damning figures, 89% of those questions said they considered themselves to be a good driver.

More than half (55%) had points on their licences, with 34% receiving points within 12 months of getting their license.

The most common cause was using a handheld device while driving with 34%, speeding was second with 18% while other common causes were dangerous driving (16%), running a red light (14%) and driving a defective vehicle (12%).

Meanwhile, 41% said they’d had to take their car to the garage due to ‘reckless driving’, while 21% had had a car written off.

George Charles of said, ‘Young, first-time drivers are often seen as reckless racers that have little regard for road rules and with results like this it’s easy to see where this image comes from. It’s sad as so many young people are fantastic drivers who take their safety and their cars safety, which they probably have spent a lot of money on, seriously.

‘Risking your life for a laugh or wasting money by having your license revoked or car written off isn’t funny or hard. It’s pretty ridiculous.’