Doomsday approaching for UK drivers

Friday is expected to the most treacherous day of the year on UK roads, with 74% per cent more accidents than usual predicted.

Accident Exchange has warned there could be more than 10,500 crashes on Friday, compared to the 6,000 recorded on a typical day.

It puts this down to a perfect storm of conditions, with the rate of accidents in winter 11% up on summer figures, and Fridays 19% higher than any other weekday.

Also contributing to this spike are the dark evenings, adverse weather conditions and the typical rush home for the weekend (accidents between 5-6pm are 53% higher than any other hour of the day).

Liz Fisher, sales director at Accident Exchange, said, ‘The study sheds an interesting light on the seasonal effects on motorists across the UK.

‘The combination of poor weather conditions, congestion and likely fatigue at the end of the week means it may come as no surprise that we are approaching peak time in the calendar for accidents.’