Vodafone announces new security product

Vodafone Automotive UK has introduced a new tracking-on-demand product for fleet and rental operators: Vodafone Vehicle Defence.

Vodafone Vehicle Defence is a compact, lightweight, fully enclosed tracking device which is easy to covertly install during a pre-delivery inspection at the dealer or by the fleet operator themselves.

It has also been developed with rental fleets, manufacturer and dealer demo fleets in mind as the device can be easily transferred between vehicles in just a few minutes.

With the device fitted, the vehicle’s location is reported to Vodafone Automotive every day via GPS and GSM technology and can be enabled to constantly transmit the vehicle’s location to the Vodafone Automotive Secure Operating Centre. Assets can be tracked cross border in 44 countries, with operatives liaising directly with local police forces in local language to track and recover the vehicle if stolen.

Vodafone Vehicle Defence is the only cost-effective, compact on-demand tracking device to use both GPS and GSM technology to connect to an established, proven network to provide on-demand stolen vehicle tracking.

Vehicle theft in the UK is a continuing problem; almost 70,000 vehicles were stolen in the UK last year. Recovery rates of stolen vehicles remain low, especially for rented and leased assets. Just 1% of all stolen vehicles had a tracking system fitted despite the potential disruption and financial damage faced by a business when an asset is stolen.

Available now, Vodafone Vehicle Defence comes with the option of a one or two year subscription and can be ordered by contacting Vodafone Automotive.