Bodyshop Awards + 30 Under 30 rules

  • Nominations for both the Bodyshop Awards 2023 and 30 Under 30: Rising Stars 2023 opened on 1 December 2022 and close at midnight on 31 March 2023.
  • The Bodyshop Awards 2023 and 30 Under 30: Rising Stars 2023 are free to enter.
  • The Bodyshop Awards 2023, 30 Under 30: Rising Stars and Bodyshop Expo will take place in September 2023 at a venue and on a date to be announced.
  • Entries for the Bodyshop Awards 2023 and 30 Under 30: Rising Stars 2023 must describe in detail individual / business / work / training methods and successes completed during the period 1 January 2022-31 March 2023.
  • To qualify for the 30 Under 30 awards in 2023, candidates must be 30 years of age or under on 28 September 2023
  • Nominations for the Bodyshop Awards 2023 can be submitted in multiple relevant categories, including:
    1. Advanced Technologies Technician of the Year
    2. Paint Technician of the Year
    3. Panel Technician of the Year
    4. Apprentice Paint Technician of the Year
    5. Apprentice Panel Technician of the Year
    6. Bodyshop Manager of the Year
    7. Small Bodyshop of the Year
    8. Medium Bodyshop of the Year
    9. Large Bodyshop of the Year
    10. Specialist Bodyshop of the Year
    11. MSO Bodyshop of the Year
    12. Environmental Trailblazer Award
    13. Technology of the Year
    14. Supply Chain Partner of the Year
    15. Technical Training Provider of the Year
    16. VDA of the Year
    17. Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year
    18. Work Provider of the Year
  • In addition to Specialist and MSO Bodyshop of the Year, the 2023 bodyshop categories will be split into Small, Medium and Large. The assessment is the same for each, however entrants will be competing in bands with similar-sized businesses to ensure a level playing field. We want to hear from independent repairers that are performing beyond the market, that are innovative, producing quality safe repairs, and are fully understanding of the skills and technical standards required to work on modern vehicles. If you meet these criteria, please enter for one of these high-profile industry awards:
    • Small bodyshop (turnover < £1m)
    • Medium bodyshop (turnover £1m-£3m)
    • Large bodyshop (turnover >£3m)

    Note: These bands are guidelines only and may be adjusted depending on the number and quality of nominations received for each category.

  • Nominations for all categories must be submitted using the online forms available on the website and completed using the official category entry forms which will be emailed to the nominator and/or nominee after the initial online submission is received.
    1. Bodyshop Awards 2023 entries
    2. 30 Under 30: Rising Stars 2023 entries
  • Any entries submitted by WeTransfer, Dropbox or by any other method will be ineligible and will be disqualified without further notice.
  • By entering the Bodyshop Awards 2023 and/or 30 Under 30: Rising Stars 2023, you consent to being contacted and your data being held and used for the purposes of awards assessment, communication and promotion.
  • Following preliminary assessments, up to six finalists will be selected in each Bodyshop Awards category. These finalists will then be further assessed to determine a winner by an independent judging panel featuring up to 15 representatives from across the UK collision repair industry, plus three from Bodyshop magazine. In order to keep the Bodyshop Awards 2023 completely independent, the Bodyshop magazine representatives will have no voting rights on the judging panel.
  • The judging panel for the Bodyshop Awards 2023 will convene in July 2023.*
  • Decisions by the judging panel are final and no further correspondence will be entered into.
  • Entrants into the Bodyshop Awards 2023 practical categories – for technicians, apprentices and vehicle damage assessors – are required to complete an online assessment. To advance to the practical testing rounds of the competition in the Paint, Panel and Advanced Technologies categories (to be held in May/June 2023), participants must achieve a minimum score set by the judges. Up to five contestants move forward to the next round in the technician and apprentice categories, and up to six advance in the VDA competition.
  • All Bodyshop Awards 2023 finalists and the winners of the 30 Under 30: Rising Stars 2023 will be expected to attend the Bodyshop Awards 2023 and 30 Under 30: Rising Stars 2023 event on 28 September 2023.
  • The winner in each Bodyshop Awards 2023 category and all 30 Under 30: Rising Stars 2023 winners will receive a unique trophy.

*Online repairer voting:

  • An online vote open to all employees working in UK bodyshops will be conducted in July/August 2023 to determine a winner in one or more of the above categories.
  • One vote per email/IP address will be recorded. All votes will be checked and verified as coming from the UK bodyshop community.
  • Bodyshop will announce the winners of these categories during the bodyshop Awards 2023.
  • Bodyshop (Plenham Ltd) employees are not eligible to vote.