Tri-Sphere offers Go Max as a smart quick-pulling solution

The new Go Max, supplied by Globaljig Systems and bodyshop equipment specialist Tri-Sphere, is an easy-to-use quick-pulling system that is portable and can deliver fast returns on investment.

It is ideal for sill dents or for rectifying low-velocity impacts on doors or wings, and almost any visible dents on bodywork. A range of safety features – and the intuitive high-quality build – mean the Go Max can be used immediately, with little or no training.

For example, a vacuum pump secures the pulling tower to the floor. A thoughtfully placed vacuum gauge indicates when the pulling tower is secure enough for the pulling procedure to begin. An anti-slide counter plate that fits underneath the vehicle, provides a secure anchor. This prevents lateral or forward movement during the procedure and gives maximum traction to the 600kg pulling chain.

The chain is an appealing feature for body repair professionals who favour chains over straps. The 2m chain on the Go Max is supplied complete with a heavy-duty hook.

The pulling panel itself can be secured to the vehicle either by stud welding or high-quality glue. This provides technicians with additional degrees of working flexibility.

Optional extras include a down-pulley, a height extension and a sill clamp plate. The down-pulley converts a direct lateral pull into a downward pull. The sill clamp plate provides additional stability, while the height extension allows work to take place much higher up on the vehicle body, such as on the A, B or C pillars.

Tri-Sphere is the sole importer of Globaljig collision repair equipment systems to the UK and Ireland. For more information, visit the TriSphere website.