Standox – Aerosol delivers all-round efficiency

Standox has introduced a new 1K-Allround Primer Surfacer U3080S in grey as an aerosol, which is designed to shorten the repair process as one full repair step is eliminated.

During preparation, small sand-throughs are common. These must be primed or sealed before top-coating. The new 1K-Allround Primer Surfacer U3080S allows fast processing as it provides excellent filling power and good adhesion on both metal and common plastic substrates. 

U3080S is suitable for use on bare metal, providing very good corrosion protection, and on all common plastic substrates with required flexibility. Application is easy with good sprayability and flow, thanks to SprayMax technology.

Harald Klöckner, Axalta international training leader and refinish product specialist for EMEA, said: “1K-Allround Primer Surfacer U3080S delivers high filling power with easy sanding. It can be re-coated after sanding with waterborne basecoats as well as with solvent-borne basecoats or topcoats.”

Black and white versions will be available in due course.

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