Roberlo – New line of high-performance ceramic abrasives

Roberlo has expanded its range of abrasives with the Gova Diamond line, which incorporates ceramic particles that provide a high cutting speed that allows for faster, more efficient sanding with an excellent finish.

One of the main features of Gova Diamond is its wear resistance, which increases the lifetime of each abrasive disc. This means more time for optimal performance and fewer interruptions in the work process, which combined with the cutting speed, can halve the time spend during the sanding process, according to Roberlo.

The disc film backing provides flexibility for precise and even sanding across various surfaces and contours, and a multi-hole system delivers excellent anti-clogging performance.

Gova Diamond is available in 11 grits ranging from P80 to P800. Visit the Roberlo Gova Diamond web page to find out more.