INDASA – New professional paint mixing system

INDASA Group has made its first foray into the spray booth with the launch of a new professional mixing system that is designed to transform paint application in the bodyshop.

The INDASA Mixing System (IMS) has been designed with efficiency in mind, optimising material flow and ensuring consistent paint transfer without affecting colour or coverage.

Unlike traditional mixing systems, IMS has two parts – a cup and a lid with a built-in filter. Whether purchasing externally or mixing paint onsite, the set-up is quicker and easier. The system has no liners so paint can be mixed directly into the cup and then securely sealed with a flat lid, which means from the point of purchase the paint can be delivered in the cup – eliminating the need for additional containers or packaging. Once the flat lid has been removed, it’s a simple quarter turn of the threaded mixing lid and the operator is ready to start the application process.

Humberto Plácido, INDASA Group technical manager, said: “The simple two-component system not only speeds up paint mixing and set-up times but also eliminates the potential for assembly problems. By adding IMS to our product basket, we’re continuing to push boundaries on how INDASA can improve efficiency and productivity in the bodyshop. We’ve developed two filter options – 125 µm coloured blue and 190 µm clear – in four different mixing cup sizes. It’s the perfect solution for all applications whether that’s for a spot repair or large-scale refinishing.”

The system’s flat lids also ensure a neat and stackable storage solution after usage. They have a designated area to label the paint code which helps easy identification for future reference. This not only protects the remaining material but also encourages a cleaner working environment, making it both safer and more efficient for the operator.

In addition to the two filter options, IMS is available in four cup sizes – 200ml, 400ml, 600ml and 800ml – and comes with a wide range of adaptors.

Andrew Tindall, group commercial director, added: “The launch of IMS aligns perfectly with our Process 2 Profit strategy. It reinforces how the INDASA brand is developing its range of performance-related products for the professional bodyshop operation. It’s testament to our commitment to deliver know-how and market solutions to maximise customer value.”

IMS is now available from UK distributors of INDASA products. Visit INDASA Abrasives UK for more information.