GYS Super Pro EV Charger – fast 13A, 16A, 3-phase charging

GYS has launched the GYS Super Pro EV Charger, a flexible and affordable EV charging solution for bodyshops.  As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise, and as more and more find their way into the aftermarket, bodyshops in the UK will be considering how charge them when needed. The conventional solution might be to install fixed charging points which may come with a costly installation.

As well as cost, a typical fixed installation comes with limitations. Fixed EV charging points will require the vehicle to be moved to that location. This may not always be convenient, certainly if the EV has no charge at all, but often it is more convenient to charge it wherever it may be in the bodyshop. Given that most workshops have three-phase or high current single-phase power available GYS has introduced a product that takes advantage of this existing power thus avoiding the need for a costly electrical installation.

GYS Super Pro EV Charger

The GYS Super Pro EV Charger requires no fixed installation, this portable EV charger operates on AC power and allows charging from various power sockets, from 13A and 16A single phase and three-phase. The GYS Super Pro EV Charger will maximise the charge rate taking into account the input power and the vehicle capability itself up to 22kw on three phase which equates to a charge rate of around 70 miles per hour.

The Super Pro EV Charger can be used on both 230V and 400V sockets, allowing you to recharge vehicles as quickly as possible, based on the socket available. Whilst the maximum charging rate is 22kW, this can be reduced where the EV is unable to charge at this rate, as some can only operate at 11kW or 7kW. The table below shows the approx. charge rate that this would deliver in miles of charge per hour.