ZEV mandate introduced into law

The new ZEV mandate has come into law today in England, Wales and Scotland.

It requires all new cars and vans to be zero emission by 2035. For 2024, 22% of all new UK car sales must be zero-emissions, with the percentage gradually rising each year. OEMs will be subject to a £15,000 penalty per non-compliant car.

Sue Robinson, chief executive of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), said: “The introduction of the ZEV mandate into law today will be a key policy in driving electric vehicle uptake and will heavily influence the automotive retail sector in its ongoing transition to electric. The automotive retailing sector has been supportive of the government’s targets for net-zero in 2050 and as such has invested heavily in driving the electrification of the vehicle parc.

“Nevertheless, there is still more that needs to be done by government to maintain the positive electric vehicle trajectory in registrations and increase public confidence in these greener, cleaner vehicle types. The recent news that government has missed its own target of six rapid or ultra-rapid chargers at every motorway service station in England by the end of 2023 will do the industry no favours in its attempts to ease the minds of consumers.”

Robinson concluded: “Whilst the ZEV mandate is certainly a step in the right direction, the government needs to offer more attractive price incentives and look to improve EV charging infrastructure across the country to increase consumer confidence in electric and help drive the country towards its net-zero commitments.”