VWG opens dedicated AI Lab

Volkswagen Group has unveiled a new specialist AI Lab to identify new products and opportunities presented by the technology.

This includes new infotainment and navigation applications, high-performance speech recognition, extended vehicle functions and the deep integration of digital ecosystems within vehicles.

The lab will collaborate with the tech sector in Europe, China and North America to rapidly develop digital prototypes and transfer them to the group brands for implementation.

Oliver Blume, CEO of the Volkswagen Group and Porsche AG, said: “We want to offer our customers genuine added value with artificial intelligence. We aim to link external digital ecosystems with the vehicle, creating an even better product experience. Collaboration with technology companies is crucially important for us. In future, we intend to simplify cooperation in organisational and cultural terms.”

Among the key focus areas, VWG sees considerable potential in high-performance speech recognition and services that connect users’ own digital environments with the vehicle. Extended vehicle functions will be equally important. These can include AI-optimised charging cycles for electric vehicles, predictive maintenance and the networking of vehicles with infrastructure.

Michael Steiner, head of research and development of the Volkswagen Group, said: “With our new ‘AI Lab’, we are combining technological expertise, flexibility and speed in collaboration with external partners. This will be crucial in the highly dynamic AI sector.”