Vella Group joins AkzoNobel sustainability network

The Vella Group has become the first UK business to achieve Level 1 Certification and become an official partner within AkzoNobel’s Sustainable Repair Network.

AkzoNobel’s Sustainable Repair Network supports customers become more sustainable by helping them measure CO2e emissions, identify opportunities to reduce it, and then implementing improvements such as changing equipment, processes or products.

As part of achieving certification, the Vella Group has already reviewed the energy efficiency of the coatings it uses, and AkzoNobel’s CO2eRepairCalculator identified products with ambient and UV curing to reduce CO2e emissions. An assessment was then undertaken to benchmark and monitor savings from the alternative coatings.

Meanwhile, a full Bodyshop Energy Scan was conducted to map all energy consumption on site and give advice where improvements can be made, before a Sustainable Repair Audit was carried out.

Marc Holding, managing director of The Vella Group, said: “We are looking forward to working closely with AkzoNobel in continuing to develop our sustainability targets which will include identifying additional opportunities to further enhance our operational processes and procedures. This will lead to significant improvements in managing our carbon emissions and enhancing efficiency.”

Paul James, strategic accounts manager vehicle refinishes UK & Ireland, AkzoNobel, said: “Together we will collectively look at all the steps of their repair process and their entire bodyshop operation to see where emissions are being created and how we can help to reduce them. We will give them the tools, knowledge, support, and experience to make a tangible long-term difference to their business.”