UK drivers endure 55 million days of delays

Drivers waste about 38 hours a year on road delays, according to figures from the Department for Transport.

Overall, the total amount of time lost to delays by all drivers during a year is an eye-watering 55 million days, equal to 1.3 billion hours.

Go.Compare car insurance looked at delays across major motorways and A-roads, and found that 31 hours were lost on A-roads alone.

Alice Simpson, breakdown spokesperson at the RAC, said the delays were down to traffic volumes: “While we’re pleased National Highways has removed the majority of roadworks from high-speed roads, which are often the busiest routes, the sheer number of drivers means there’s an increased risk of breakdowns which can, in turn, lead to delays.

Tom Banks, car insurance expert at Go.Compare, said: “There’s never a good time to be caught in traffic and losing such a huge amount of time while going nowhere is extremely frustrating. Although navigating traffic is stressful, it’s important to stay as calm and alert as possible, making sure to keep an eye on all the vehicles around you. Otherwise, you risk colliding with another driver.”